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Pollyanna and The Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed 2)

Marriage is nothing like the heartless Greek billionaire Kryillos Gazis imagines.

But more than that, it is probably his young and innocent wife Pollyanna that is the biggest surprise. She makes him happy beyond belief, and when she gifts him with the most beautiful twins, Kyrillos knows that his life will never be the same again. It will always be better each day, and all because of his family.

Now, the only thing he must make sure is for Pollyanna to never find out that he's lied about loving her.

This is Book 2 of Kyr and Pollyanna's epic love story.


Ah, yet another numbing moment.

The feels will probably come up later in this review/rant but that's what you get when a book stunts you and you can't really think about what just happened. Marian.

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By Part Two, I can now see the difference between this series and the rest of the books the author has written. Marriage and children added into their lives are not only blessings and a future that many couples fight to have, they also play a part in threatening to pull them apart. Kyr married Pollyanna to keep her, but when problems start to arise, he actually starts to regret it, thinking them as chains to a freedom he no longer has access to. Like the freedom of a single man. The freedom of a life with Ana.

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*Oh, I think the numbness is wearing off.*

I felt like I was stabbed in the back, but mostly I just feel like a piece of assuming shit. -_- The entire time I'm reading, he has beautiful moments with Pollyanna and his family. It's obvious he loves his kids, and he appreciates Pollyanna. I even thought he loved her, and maybe he did? But his ultimate betrayal now leaves me to question if he actually loved her.

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Let's get one fucking thing straight. He loved Pollyanna and just didn't know it until the end, because if he didn't love her, he wouldn't have come to the conclusion he did. So he loves her. Ye-fucking-ha. What I don't like is that he loved Polly... but didn't love her enough? I'm so confused dammit!!! He realized he loved her, but he also loved Ana? Or was he just realizing that he'll always have feelings for his childhood love, but loves Pollyanna more?

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If he loved her more, why the fuck did he kiss Ana back and think about life with her??? Like... is this your way of showing that everyone has these doubts and it's normal to think about the what-if? Are you trying to make him human or something? I'm talking to you, Marian. Well don't. Stop it right now.

I guess what I'm supposed to get out of this is... he fell in love with Pollyanna but will never forget his first love. However, because his first love was a vindictive and selfish bitch, his love was tainted and he ended up hating her for it. When he fell in love again, that hate turned back into... idk, the poster child for the ghost of Christmas past? And when he finally had what he'd wanted in the past, he realized that it wasn't something he wanted anymore. He wanted the dream he was already living: Pollyanna and the kids.

Well you fucked up, asshole, and I hope you suffer for the shit you just put Pollyanna through with all your goddamn lies and deceit.

I just want to fucking slap the shit out of him! Looking back at all the men I've ever read about, I don't believe I can recall a man who made me want to choke him more than this one. Some have done sexual things with others in the throes of misguided betrayal, others going as far as to throw their own loved ones out in anger (I'm looking at you, Damen). Even Kellion (from Kellion), with his perfect first love, didn't make me this mad. Is it because he never had kids or married Aria? Maybe, but the point is, Kyr is a douche. Just a horrible, horrible douche I'd like to see sink to the bottom of the ocean so a shark will tear him a new asshole.

I JUST DON'T GET IT MAN! You're getting ready to celebrate your eighth anniversary with your WIFE and when your childhood lover comes to fuck you up again, you let her? Out of rage to see her hurt, which you don't even do? And of course that's all she needs to throw herself at you babbling about leaving your wife to be with her. And what happens? What happens. I'll fucking tell you what happens. Instead of throwing her off, Kyrillos FuckingGodDamn Gazis legit thinks about what it'd be like to finally be with Ana again.

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Did he just- what I think he just- are you fucking kidding me, Kyrillos??? You're married to a beautiful woman inside and out with four fucking precious kids and you're gonna fucking contemplate? That's it, I'm tired of this shit! I don't care if you never did get over her, you've been lying to Pollyanna, the kids, ME YOU SACK OF SHIT and yourself about being a pussy where Bitchana is concerned.

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Things were going so well for Kyr and Pollyanna, and despite how sweet it all was, in the end reality won; he never got over Ana, and as great as Pollyanna was, it just wasn't what was needed for him to get over her. Yes, it had a helping hand in making him see just what it was that he should've been fighting for all these years, but what's been done has been done. And it took a second too long of touching the wrong lips to break the heart of the only woman who loved him so readily.

So, after all the shit I got from the first book with his DEVIRGINIZING HER ON HIS OWN EX'S FUCKING BED WHERE HE DEVIRGINIZED HER WHAT THE FUCK KYRILLOS and the sass Pollyanna got from the gossipers and jealous old bitches of the world, what do I end up with? A deathly betrayal far worse than anything I've ever read. Then again I'm a pretty sheltered reader and I can actually think of a worser fate I read years ago but that's not the fucking point.

This second book to the Innocent and Betrayed... don't read it. Stop now. Abandon all hope and get the fuck out of this trap before you start losing heart strings and your sanity and your love for all Greek billionaires. You'll end up crying and wishing you could burn this thing, and will probably cry even more because you bought it for your kindle so now the most satisfaction you'll get is reveling in pushing the delete button or even tossing it out of your device, never to touch again.

*They might need reverse psychology.*

Fine, then. Buy this book. Fucking start with the first one, watch this idiot fall in love with a man who's perfect to everyone but his own self. See this innocent young lady lose herself on the beautiful Greek island Teleios, and in those beautiful Greek arms that refuse to let her go. See her fall for a liar. See him struggle with his addiction for something so pure and naive, it's impossible not to love her for all that her loving and trusting eyes refuse to give up on. See him ruin her chance for happiness before it's even begun. See it all, with the way Marian so wickedly sends the words through your mind like a peaceful stream only to fuck you over the minute you go in, because you'll drown. You'll drown in their thoughts, in their raw feelings, in the lies. Drown until all you'll be wanting is the next book, this book, and the next one.

Fucking. Read. This. Series.

Last Thought:
I just want to forget what I just read. Find a way to distract myself-

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Happy Reading =^-^= 

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