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Pollyanna and The Greek Billionaire (Innocent and Betrayed 3)

Greek billionaire Kyrillos Gazis finally knows what love is... but only when it might be too late for him to salvage his marriage.

What was supposed to be the happiest night for Kyr and his young wife has turned into a nightmarish episode. Pollyanna has found out about his past in the most hurtful way possible, catching him kissing not just any woman but his first love Ana.

With every secret from the past exposed, Kyr knows his wife may never trust him again. But even so, he's determined not to give up.

He loves her.
He finally knows this.
And now, he will do everything to prove it to her.


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My God, this... *sighs* It's not the most draining thing I've read (Helios still takes the gold), and the latter half makes up for all the emotional suffering that happens in this book. And boy, is there a lot of suffering. But I must say, I think it was all well done. Even if at times I'd come across another chapter and I just wanted it to stop making me cry so much. My own eyes were starting to give me attitude.

The little shits.

It picks up from the last installment with a naive Pollyanna finally knowing what true pain is. The sight of her husband kissing another woman, kissing that woman, is more than unbearable, but she bears it. For her kids. Because she knows that if there is anything to salvage from this catastrophe... it's the happiness of their four beautiful, innocent children. She continues with their anniversary, smiling and maintaining a strong front at the party, but she cracks when the crowd starts to cheer for a couple's kiss. Like fuck, seriously? Seriously? From there, the book takes on a depressing tone. And I fucking mean, depressing.

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Tell me, what does a married woman do when she's caught her husband cheating? She isolates him from her. How does she do it with little children? A smile on her face and a hand over her mouth when she thinks no one's listening late at night. And how, with the whole world waiting to see her fuck up, does a twenty-six year old young woman prove the assholes wrong? She gets a career and maintains the well-being of her family like a boss.

It was very hard for Pollyanna to keep him at bay with a cruel hand, because it's not the type of person she is. Then again, being herself didn't exactly crack the case on his lies and deceit, did it? So she goes the opposite- she plays the cruel, resentful bitch (a little too well) who doesn't need her dog of a husband to survive. She struggles with it because it goes against everything she's been taught, but at the same time, a part of her revels in it.
*I know it does, Pollyanna. Don't lie.*

*What is that?*
*I'm pretty sure it's, "Why you Lyin."*
*I don't know what that is.*
*Then go fuck yourself. I'm in the middle of a damn rant.*

It's a side of herself she doesn't get to see often except maybe when she's growing a child in her belly, then the gloves are off and it's every man for himself. Lord save the poor souls who cross her when she's in the works of creating life... For years, Pollyanna had believed that giving everything up for her husband was the right thing to do. She practically did the opposite of Ana, something I'm sure she figured out later on, and instead of being appreciated for it, she was still kept at a distance, and THAT, my dear Watson, is what ruthlessly shoves her over the edge.

Ana chose her dreams over him and left, and he still loved her. Polly dropped her dreams four times and then some to keep him happy, and he couldn't even reciprocate. Fuckhole's been lying for eight yeas about loving her, but he couldn't lie with three words to make her feel less like shit? Did he think he was saving her some pain by not uttering those words or could he just not say them because they weren't to Ana?

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With hubby somewhat out of the way, she feels like shit, so she then decides to resurrect her dead dreams of being a career woman. Kyr helps, of course, because he's at a level beyond groveling, and she takes it, both knowing it'll keep her as close as she can to their children. I can't even appreciate this because it's something he'd planned to give her before the incident, and now it's forever ruined as the 'one more thing' he does to seek forgiveness.

The whole time this story is going on, Kyr is discovering more ways to be humble, regardless if she ever takes him back. For Pollyanna, she's trying to adult but the only way she knows how is completely negative and the worse way to adult, Pollyanna, Jesus Christ. The tables are turned and now instead of despising Kyrillos for even thinking of being with someone else, it's Pollyanna over the grill. Not only are her actions harsh towards the father of her children, she chooses to follow her head instead of her heart. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.

Buuuuut she just got fucked over for the past eight years so again, it's not her. It's Kyr. And a little bit of her, yeah. Yeah...

Keeping up with her will to do the right thing that wasn't actually the right thing, watching him suffer for something that he had years to correct, seeing them in so much pain when you know all it'd take is forgiveness and love- it was all so exhausting.

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And to be honest, she started to get annoying. Kyrillos was trying his damn best to move on from this, but she couldn't. She needed to see him suffer for all the things he put her through, and believe me, it helped him to change, but it was at the cost of her losing herself. She just couldn't get over the fact that he would never forget his first love, and her insecurity, driven by his deceit, only made her jealousy worse. Rather than a healthy dose of possessiveness, she became this jaded lover constantly comparing herself to Ana. It was ugly, pathetic and really really sad. T_T And what's worse, she even got confronted by Kyr about it, who told her himself to cut the shit with all this 'she's better than me' whining. Everyone but her knew that she was by far the better woman, but because she just couldn't let it go, she let it get to her.

Pollyanna dreaded the stereotypical confrontation of wife and mistress (THERE'S NO GODDAMN MISTRESS POLLYANNA JESUS) so much that she fucking got it. I mean, she went there herself so she's really just asking for it, but I just hated it. I understood it, but I hated it with a fiery passion. Her insecurity and need to protect herself made her into this bitter woman that brought up all of the little things she let slip past her for their sake, and see what good that did her. Ugh. Fuck. T_T It's so frustrating to see her turn so horribly after seeing such a sweet soul in the first installment! But now she's all Kevin Hart on Kyr's ass just refusing to believe anything ever again, and trusting- TRUSTING -other people's opinions on how she should act. Um, what? You're gonna rely on other people after your husband screws you over?

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Oh, and Ana? You're assertive, which I like, but you're six letters short of being anywhere close to Pollyanna's level. So in the most graceful, appreciative way possible...

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Despite the clusterfuck of, like, the first half of the book, I did appreciate the times that slowly brought them closer together, even if it didn't always last, you know? Like him driving her home after work, getting her little things, crashing a friendly date with a guy that had no business being anywhere in her vicinity (grrr) or that time when the twins watched something scary on Youtube? It was so cute to see them watch it together and get scared. *cough* Kyr *cough* Here let me see if I can pull it up...

Okay I can't pull it up so just click THIS. The thing's less than three minutes but it does not fail to build the suspense. Or fuck up your hallways... Yeesh. Let's just say that I will never look down a hallway or doorways or any which-ways for the safety of my sanity. So, I needed to escape from the emotional massacre and got sidetracked and watched it, until I saw the beginning.

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Then I sucked it up aaaaaand- I paused every other second and happened to pause on the fucked up face so I wasn't scared lol. Yay for an anti-climax. ^-^

But back to my experience on the story.

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I felt bad. I felt really, really bad for the guy. Pollyanna pulls no punches when it comes to him, and she did so many things that effected her kids, I started to get mad at her instead! I understand that she was hurting and couldn't take it lying down, but the fact that it still effected the children made it so sad. Eventually I was like, "Shit woman, it was one kiss!" But then I have to remind myself, it wasn't just that one kiss with a first love. It was about finding out that all this time, he'd never loved her before or after their marriage, even when they had children. Yeah, he found out he loved her after, but she doesn't know that, and how can she trust him, after all the lies he told her for the past eight fucking years?

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And I think I hate them both a little, him for even thinking about another woman and her for wishing her kids weren't around to further question his dedication to her. I KNOW I KNOW she doesn't hate her kids and she'd never want to wish them away, but I hate that for a second, the heartbreak he caused her made her almost wish that her children weren't there because, now she'll never know if he'd have stayed with her if not for them.

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That's what did it for me. I resented her for that. I felt like she was being a coward and using her kids as an excuse to 'be strong'. If you ask me, she's secretly a bitch (and that's okay girl) who was hammered with manners and etiquette, so the only way to get back at him the way she really wants to is through these ridiculous "Do it for the children" spiels in her mind. They aren't helping her at all. Being herself would've completely fixed it up, if she had the courage and strength.

Sadly, shit doesn't get anywhere until the day she ends up in the hospital due to exhaustion. T_T By then, Kyr's had enough with going after her if all it got him was a hospitalized wife who can't stand his ass. So he says goodbye. And he lets her go.

And it's only BY THAT POINT, with her children reminding her the very thing they teach them about forgiveness, that she and the kids start yelling for daddy. Dude runs back to them. They make up. And that's how it ends. o.o Then that yummy of an epilogue comes up but I won't say anything about it here because I'll be saving that for later.

I've got to say, the ending was a little weird considering all the shit that happened, but it was still sweet with the kids reminding her of the simplest things.

I loved this series despite the number of times it made me cry, especially this one. I swear to God, it was like I cried at every chapter, the worse ones making me cry twice or more. Pollyanna and Kyr were an interesting couple, different from the other ones this author's written. It's not just the marriage and children, but rather the way they were with each other. She fell for him no questions asked, and he didn't care to acknowledge his own feelings until it was too late- hmm, maybe it is like the other ones she's written, then. This one was just more intense, because the fucktard didn't realize it until the BLOODY LAST BOOK JESUS KYR WHAT THE FUCK.

But anyways. When Kyr wasn't being a delusional dick in the series, he was being a sweet and nearly perfect man for Polly. She was sweet and too cute with her love for him, making me smile when she gave him a thousand more reasons to be grateful for the life he had. I'll admit that Pollyanna turned out to have a few traits I wouldn't have guessed at, but it's not bad. If anything, it adds shades to her personality and makes me adore her all the more for it.

The writing was well done and flowed nicely in my head. I devoured the whole thing in one sitting when I wasn't choking on tears or envisioning ways to kill Kyr. The struggle to their happiness was a nice- albeit weary -drama. Seriously, this author is too dangerous with her heart-breaking love tragedies that still somehow manage to obtain a surreal happily ever after.

I recommend this series (can't start with the last book, silly) to anyone who loves a good romance with heady drama. Enjoy a good laugh? This author is it. Love the cute girls with hearts of gold and too naive to know better? Look her way. Do you go crazy over books that make you cry? Yup, this sadist over here.

There isn't a book of hers I hate, and this series made no difference in my love for the heroines too brave to know better and the alpha heroes too dark to see the light until it was too late.

God, I love her men.

Happy Reading =^-^=

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