Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Fate (The Children of Wisdom 1)

The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken...

My name is Penn, and I'm a spinner. As one of the three Fates, it's easy for me to know the plans for the lives of the humans. Mine, on the other hand, is a bit foggier. I guess things started to get out of control when I spun her - Kismet. My focus shifted, one thing led to another, and I wound up banished to Earth.

You'd think it'd be pretty hard to surprise me, but after my banishment, they just kept hitting me like a one-two knockout punch. When the people around me started dying before their time, I knew something was very wrong and I had to do whatever I could to set it right. The one thing i didn't know was... what is the true fate of Fate?

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*****STARS: 5*****

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I felt like my soul was crying by the time this ended on a hell of a cliffhanger.

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Penn was very fresh with a hot as hell exterior. Those blonde curls... those piercing blues... and that bod! Just kidding. Yeah, he's hot, but I absolutely loved the way he, as a heavenly being, had to struggle with the feelings and indecision that overcome humans every waking day... aaand the advances of the human female population whenever he ventured too close. LOL! Poor thing was sweet as candy but one come-hither look, and he broke out in hives. I loved it.

This was a new way to look at heaven and the Fates, the trio who continuously work to create life and maintain the balance on earth. When I first read this, it introduced me to a beautiful, serene world of heaven with the cast of workers meant to create, maintain and bring back the souls in the human world. Penn's working progress with Kismet and Andrew made me become a little obsessive myself. It also added another bit of information on soulmates for my categorizing, because who doesn't love to hear about stories where everyone has someone to love?

I was so satisfied with this whole thing! It took on a narrative feel while maintaining the legitimate one of Penn's personal thoughts and experiences. I was immediately interested in the thought of one of the Fates falling for their own creations, but what do you do when you fall for one you already made a soul mate for??? It's total doom for Penn, but at the same time, I didn't want him to forget about her. His feelings- obsession? -was just too intensely cute to just... go away.

His punishment was a blessing in disguise in my opinion, but when the entirety of the plot unfolded, I was flabbergasted.

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How could it come to that? It was so heartbreaking!!! I can't believe that was a part of Penn's fate, but at the same time, it's not over. Of course I can't move on because there's no book two and it ended on a cliffhanger!!! but at the same time, I can't help but love the teasing for The Reaper. I'm a mess. T_T

The Fate was a beautifully written book that took on a flavor of a fairy tale narrator at times, taking over for Penn when things bigger than him came to pass. I loved the pace of the book and the way it made me feel, giving off such a chill- nearly nostalgic at times -ambiance that matched very well with the mysticals. I am still reeling over the way things happened, which just shows how good of a book this is and I highly recommend it.

Last Thought:
I can't say enough how great this was.
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Happy Reading ^-^

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