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Meant to be Yours (WARNING: Love Moderately 2)

After years of trying to deny her feelings, curvy 21-year-old bookworm Jaike Hepburn has succumbed to the inevitable.

She no longer cares what the whole school thinks if they find out the truth: the devilish wicked and gorgeous billionaire heir Derek Christopoulos has become her Dom, and she his Sub.

By belonging to Derek, Jaike realizes that time, space, privacy - all of it means nothing to Derek. He wants to be WITH her. IN her. Do everything FOR her. Every second of the day.

Life with her possessive Dom is beautifully twisted and dangerously addictive... until the day Derek rips her heart into pieces.

That's when Jaike realizes the truth.

He may be her one and only Dom, but she is just one of the many Subs in his bed.

*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*
*WARNING: spoilers*

*****STARS: 5*****

Okay FIRST OF ALL, the synopsis is misleading because I was seriously crying- CRYING -before the damn thing even started because I couldn't comprehend why Derek, who's been looking for this woman his whole life!!! would go to other subs. You made me think he was dealing with an innate need to be dominating or something and could only get it from an abundance of annoying little woman that have no right- NO RIGHT -to be anywhere near Derek.

UGH you make me crazy, sometimes!!!!!

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Now back to the review.

This just beat my heart repeatedly until it couldn't take anymore and I just shattered... like the glass in the Showroom where it all went down...

tv best kim richards ugly cries

UGH! It's been a while since I've read one of Marian Tee's romances, the last one being Death Loves Me Not, which was more of a horror story than anything. When I finished this, I was happy, but the pain still lingered in my head and heart as if Jaike's pain had permanently printed themselves on the back of my skull. The only reason why I walked away with any type of happy was because they made up and the epilogue was fucking epic.
(Good job, Marian)
(I still hate you right now)

It starts off with Derek and Jaike leaving her room the next morning after their first night spent together. She's nervous and terrified of making anything public, but at the same time, she's more afraid of how happy she is. Derek, a natural Dom down to the cells in his body, needs her, and she needs him just as badly. For a while, they go back and forth with their banters. She's a stubborn woman with a lot of scars to hide and hell if she lets him find out about any of it. But with a persistent guy like Derek, it's only a matter of time before she either succumbs or gets driven crazy.

Jaike was all too easy to get into because of her fear of getting hurt, but for her it goes beyond that to the horrible past of seeing first-hand what love can do to a sub when in the grips of a sadistic and sorry excuse for a Dom. With Jaike, she's slowly realized that she wants Derek, but with her past holding her back, she can't seem to just let things go.

Derek knows this, but not the extent of her past, which I'm mildly surprised about because he's such an involved Dom where she's concerned. Then again, she never gave him enough reason to think that something was wrong with her other than trust issues, so I can see why he wouldn't sneak a peek.

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He. Was. Intense. It was all or nothing with him and it was overwhelming at times. He was so intense, it's no wonder that his past lays were frightened! And I love it. I love how scary he is and how primitive he is. And he owns up to all of it. He takes what he wants, and from the moment he met Jaike, it's only ever been her.

It's frustrating because he's an unstoppable force and she's an immovable object, but as a sub, she's losing the battle real fast. I feared for her because of how genuinely scared she was. That's why at times I disliked this because she was demanding for time and he was just pushing to the brink of cracking. She needed the push, but seeing the struggles was still-

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Some may think he's borderline crazy obsessed with her but I like that in him. It shows that he's the type of Dom who needs to devour the one he loves, as she needs that with him as well. I liked what the author wrote about with his inner darkness, because everyone has a deep dark secret they feel no one will ever understand. The rare ones ever get a partner who can share in that pain and ecstasy. It's perfect, that type of intensity their souls possess, that need to crawl into each other's chest cavities and claim ownership of everything that they are. Because that's what they love about the other: everything.

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I enjoyed the funny scenes in this because it showed that with a relationship of a Dom and sub like theirs, it's not all intensity. It's silly, ridiculous, and at times major LOL moments where you love someone so much, you can't help but forgive them because it's just the way they are.

But I've got to say, Derek... he really is intense. I keep going back to that word and I should probably find a better word so I'm not repeating myself, but it's true. As soon as he found Jaike, he moved into her flat without telling her. That's a bit much, but at the same time, I can't fault him because he's the only one to resonate with her. Jaike knows this. I know this. But even so, it'd still be nice to have that option of feeling like there's still some control in my grasp before you run me over, you know? So can you blame her for freaking out?

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Another thing that was hard to swallow was Derek's mean streak. I'm quoting his mother when I say he's a 'very passionate boy', and no words could be more true. He's passionate. And a Dom. What happens when you put those two together with a pinch of creativity?

You get the biggest blow any possessive sub could receive.

Derek's been trying to force himself on her all this time, when he should've backed off. If he didn't, however, Jaike would never have realized the things she already feels for him. It's sad, because she needs that push or her fears will forever keep her in her safe box. He does things naturally but with the way she acts, he forces himself to restrain his instincts, which is why when he assumed she was cheating on him, he snapped.

It's a mess. just one big giant mess.

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She's not cheating on him, she's finding closure with a guy who's finally realizing that she can't love him back. So when she goes back to meet with Derek, it's not what she thinks. I don't want to talk about it because it's too sad for me, but he breaks her heart. He breaks it so bad, she cracks for a minute, succumbing to her fears of being a pathetic sub of a whore just like her mother. Doing everything for the Dom she gave everything to.

As a fellow sub who would sooner cut a bitch for even looking in my Dom's face, this really hurt my feelings. T_T I'm a sensitive reader who likes to put herself in the characters who catch her interest, which is why it was so hard to get over how fucked up it all was. Like... how could you do that to her? Were you so frustrated with her that your jealous streak overpowered your baser instincts to always keep your sub safe?

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Then again, I suppose he could've done worse, like had Doms deal with her. *shuddders* Thoughts like that ran through my heart because I just couldn't accept it, but when it did happen and I had to digest it, I couldn't help but just feel sad for him and eternally relieved that Jaike took him back. If she didn't love him, who would? This man has so much passion in him that when he loves, it's forever, and when he hurts, it's kill or be killed.

I would have liked for Marian to make this longer because of how intense this was. The amount of EMOTION in this was too much for only 125 pages. If the pages were longer, there could've been more room to get into deeper depths with the reasons why Jaike wanted Derek but couldn't find herself to go all the way. When she didn't do what she wanted, she made him look like a guy who didn't know what 'no' was, and that's not at all the kind of light I want him under. I also would have liked to see more on the way she changed after that horrible incident in the Showroom. It was really intriguing to see her go from a happy sub to a cold Dom attempting to hide behind walls once again. It threw me for a loop when she did the things she did (and I kinda hated her for a second because of it) which is why I can only imagine how that would've looked had there been more time to digest and dissect it.

The same thing goes for Derek, too. We all saw that she was the sub in body, but in love? I think he was the sub. Yes, he was the one to keep her safe and do everything for her, but when it came to the raw... thing... of love, he was a sub seeking the comfort of her hand, if she'd only give it to him. I'd have also liked more time to see the extent of his dedication so he didn't look like an asshole. On one hand I like it because it shows how other people see him (when he's not being charming) but on the other hand, it's not something a sub exactly wants to see of her favorite Dom.

Is he my favorite Dom? I'll have to read all the BBFs again, but I know that he's my favorite Ride or Die. I admire his cravings for Jaike and I like that once she was chosen, she was it. You have the fears who wonder, "But what if she wasn't the one?" Well if she wasn't the one, then they'd both be in fucking trouble, wouldn't they? But that's not the case. They are made for each other, and it shows in the way they get each other when no one else seems to even notice it.

Overall, this was a very intense 125 pages of love not properly acknowledged between a Dom and sub. Battles with fear of losing oneself to their worse nightmares, hilarious best friends who will have your back without judgement or shame, and a horrible moment of misunderstanding will leave you crying and laughing with a headache that will either go away or throb every time you think of Reid's Showroom.

Oh, the Showroom...

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Last Thoughts:
That epilogue was such an epic reunion with the guys who found their lady loves.
For Angelo went live on Amazon Friday and you can bet your ass I'm going to read it next. I need to know that Angelo can be happy now, too.
And just tell me what is up with Christien and his fiance?!
And where's Nathan when these boys do their thing?

Happy Reading =^-^=

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