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Vampire Miami (The Human Revolt 1)

Fire years after the Vampire War, seventeen-year-old Selah Brown is on the hunt for answers. Heading to the vampire-held city of Miami, she plans to track down the origins of 'Blood Dust', the drug her father had been investigating shortly before he disappeared, in the hope of using the information to find him. What she doesn't plan on is meeting Cloud, the young and enigmatic leader of the human rebellion, or drawing the attention of the infamous vampire known as 'The Dragon', and awakening within him a dark passion he had thought long dead.

With the lives of friends and family on the line, only one secret, impossible talent gives Saleh any hope of success - but that very source of hope might start the Vampire War anew...


****STARS: 4****

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Amazon uses another cover when you purchase the book, and I find this one so much better. Really makes the other one more generic-looking when compared to this. But that's just me.
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I really liked this one because it was different from what I've read so far. It's got vampires placed in the major cities LA and Miami, all as a means to stop the riots that went on during the Vampire War. Some people see their country as safe again with the vampires caged away in the big cities, and the vampires agree. They're caged. Locked away. Taunted as a quality of killers by the quantity of well-armed ones. Little do the humans know that the vampires have something up their sleeve...

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Selah Brown (GOD I LOVE HER NAME) lost her daddy when he started nosing around some official top-secret businesses, and so she opted to go into the lion's den where her grandmother resides as a deported citizen of the US. She now lives in Vampire's Miami, a place where the poor and dejected reside along the outskirts of the beautiful nightlife that the vamps rule over.

Selah was really hard to like when I first got into this. I was frustrated and almost disgusted at the way she acted, mostly because she really felt like a strong character, so for her to act the way she did just turned me off. I like her recklessness because it shows that she isn't a sheep and does what her hot blood wants, but at the same time, when I was reading it? In the moment, she just annoyed me. At times I even found myself wishing something would happen just so she'd wise up. She's the type of girl who only learns after something's happened. I don't like it when it happens, but hey, it's necessary, and you know what? She shaped up. It had to happen.
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Aside from her compulsive behavior that gave me whiplash, the details were also a little lengthy. It didn't match the flow the majority of the book took, which is why I ended up trudging through a lot of it just to get to the point. I loved the beautiful details, but with the height of action that this book was at, I didn't think it was wholly appropriate where it happened.

Overall this was a good book. Selah was kinda hard to love at first but by the end, I loved her mostly because of the character development that she went through. The details are my personal fav but because of the lengths, I wouldn't recommend this to those who have no patience for such things. The characters were pretty cool, especially The Dragon, and I think what made this whole thing interesting (aside from the Dystopia) was the story within the story within the story. She's here looking for her dad, and instead gets caught up with all the politics because of her blood- and she gets help from that problem because of a backstory from The Dragon! Some characters left me wanting, like Cloud, but then again, he wasn't in here much, so maybe he'll develop more in the next book. All nice layers that brought it back to the beginning, and I do look forward to seeing what happens next in Vampire LA.

Did I mention that I love the violence?
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Happy Reading =^-^=

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