Monday, March 7, 2016

Locked Box

Julia Bennett isn't having a great day.

Funding for her video game is low, her day job is sucking her dry, and to cap it all off she's locked in a police station with the very handsome, extremely married guy she's been avoiding at all costs.

Max Connor isn't having a great year.

He's getting divorced, his best friend is squatting in his house, and his inappropriate crush on the IT girl is getting way out of hand. And that was before he locked the two of them in an evidence room.

Surrounded by three decades' worth of drugs, guns, and floppy disks, Max and Julia are forced to confront the heat that lies between them with dangerous, funny, and occasionally toe-curlingly sexy results.

*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

*****STARS: 5!*****

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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD she brought the sexy back. She brought. The sexy. Baaaack.

Okay, so this is the author's second novel, and this one's just as hot as the first, only a little more tamed-
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-for the usual audience (God I used that in the most loose of terms). Instead of a very distinguished (yet hush hush) Dom and sub, we get a hot IT girl and a hero who looks good in a uniform with a set of cuffs at his hip for playtime serving out justice. Julia is a snarky little bitch I'd love in my life every day. Her snarky remarks and the way she doesn't even intend to appear bored and better than her current position (as true as it is) makes her all the more appealing to me. Not to mention that she's a sick game designer and- well, I won't say. :3 And she's hilarious! Her inner monologue in the beginning was a LOL for me because she's so miserable with the pervy cops whose computers she has to clean with all the porn viruses (lol fucking A) and she just can't catch a break! Especially when the last cop she wants to see is a certain constable that she *hint hint* knew in some hidden past we don't get to know about just yet.

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Max seems extremely wound up and seriously needs to let loose, cause the whole time when he wasn't being all sexy and shit, he was annoying me and making me wish she'd choked him in the throes of their insane-fuck-yes-sexathons. XD Like, damn it man!!! You're obviously attracted to Julia. Why are you giving her such mixed signals??? UUGGHH!!

Their lock up in the evidence room was a blessing in dis-fucking-guise, let me tell you. She's completely out of the loop with him being back on the market, and he's so hung up on something that I can't even see as being a major problem, that it's all just ridiculous with the way they danced around each other. But ooooo, how I loved the way I got teased!

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By the third chapter, you totally know that they've MET SOMEWHERE (and it was dirty) because they won't even fucking think about it until halfway through the bloody book! Getting those little bits and pieces of what exactly happened between them was almost as fun as seeing them flirt away in the evidence room.

*I seriously need to rethink my ways of getting arrested*

THE EVIDENCE ROOM. Don't even get me started on it... but I have to so I will. Ha! Anyways, thank you GOD (and I guess Dangerfield, as well) for giving me that fine piece of specimen with such- well- such deliciously naughty urges! HOLY SHIT! HOOLLLY FUCKING SHIT! First you get him all stiff (tee hee) and proper wanting to bang the shit out of Jules against the concrete wall, but then he continuously flips over to the boring side of wanting to 'keep his distance'.

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When he wasn't being a pain about that, he was making me wish I worked in a police station solely for the chance to get locked up somewhere with a cop and have him have his way with me well until the freaking weekend. Jules has no clue that he's separated from his wife- *Jesus Christ* -but she still goes for it whenever she senses what he can't hide.

*Like his dickity diiiiiiiii-*

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Did I say that?

The hell are you doing to me, Dangerfield? I'm turning into an animal! And speaking of animals... DAAAAAAAMN. Damn. Max may be a good hero playing cop, but the things he reveals to us in that room is something that brings me to tears in the horniest of ways. First off, how dare his wife try to subdue what comes naturally to him? Shoulda been the first sign that they weren't meant to be. And second of all-

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How dare you create a man that doesn't exist.

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So while I'm bummed that a dirty-talking, animal-thrusting man like Max doesn't exist, I'm still glad that this book does. It gave me high level entertainment and laughs to take away all the stress. You know, when Max wasn't adding to it *rolls eyes* The way this ended was just a tear-jerker but still funny yet frustrating (three guesses from who) that it left me a bundle of feels wishing there was and hoping there wasn't a part two. But why mess with perfection, you know?

And I loved her sister, Ash. The other characters played their parts well in making this even more enjoyable, but Ash fucking stole the cake and devoured it like the little terror she is. I love her so much. T_T She's worth a mention and so much more. <3

I can't believe how much I loved this, but it's you, so actually yeah I can believe it. There were a few awkward moments but I'm gonna blame that on how fucking awkward Max makes everything... when he's not being a fucking freak in the sheets holy shit I need to stop now. I love your writing and the way you make your romance and characters so- what do you say? -"unapologetically sexy". No truer words could be spoken to describe this, as Jules and Max definitely heighten up the standards for sex in my life haha.

THIS IS A MUST READ RECOMMEND. The flow was great, characters were hilarious and the story-telling was brilliant in giving me these seemingly chill people who turn out to be about as complex as the plot itself. Loved the descriptions, loved the lame excuses to touch each other (come on now, drinking? naughties) and I loved to hate the way this made me cry more than once.

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Happy Reading =^-^=

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