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The Reaper (The Children of Wisdom 2)

"The Thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken..."

My name is Michaela, and I'm a Reaper. I help the humans transition from their home on Earth after they die. Up until a short time ago, things were going well. But then, one of our best Fates was banished to Earth, people started dying before their time, and things went rapidly downhill from there.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I found seven misplaced souls trapped in the depths of hell. It didn't matter to me who had put them there, or even why they had. All I knew was I had to get them out. I couldn't just leave them there to suffer.

Who knew trying to find out and fix what had gone so horribly wrong would end with me surrounded by misfit Fates while racing through the depths of hell?

Trying to save not only the seven trapped souls, but also the entire human race, is not exactly in my job description...


*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

*****STARS: 5!*****

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*Why is it so cold????*

I loved this. At first I was thrown off because I was really excited to see Penn. I hadn't read the synopsis, I just jumped right in, so imagine my confusion when I realized the story was told from Michaela's POV! I love the adorable Reaper, but damn, I really wanted to see my favorite hottie Fate. :( Nonetheless, I enjoyed being in Michaela's mind. I thought she was a fine piece of china; well reserved, an elegant art in itself and a deadly weapon who knew how to get her shit done. She carried on with the epicness of this plot, and the whole picture is finally beginning to come into light.

When we left Penn, he had just lost the two greatest of his creations to a sinister plot stealing people before their appropriate times and hiding them in God-knows-where. In The Reaper, Michaela catches us up but with her view of what'd happened just before everything went to hell. *pun intended* Her narrative was pretty interesting, but with the expectation of action that The Fate left me, I was a little fussy with the pace. I needed it to zoom back to the present and show me the kickass that Penn was pining for. I needed Kismet!!!

reaction frustrated facepalm seriously couples therapy

I finally got her, but damn. That place in hell was haunting. I won't spoil much but the souls and the creepy way it was all described was just- wow! There's a reason why I was left feeling so cold at the end.

Pace was good, but it wasn't the fast style I needed. If anything, it forced me to slow down and take it all in like one would a glass of wine. I personally can't gulp it down like a can of beer, but I'm glad I took my time. It brought me to a better sense of the story, made things more timeless, if that makes sense. It reminded me of what makes Michaela; an essence of peace and serenity given a hell of a tragedy time after time until even her natural chill cracks. That's what it was like reading this, really getting a piece of her and seeing her change with the story. That made the slower pace of the series worth it for me.

The plot was not what I would've guessed, and Hell was a thrilling place to be. LOVED IT! I first got the feeling that nothing was really happening plot-wise, but by the end, you can say that I was blown away. The ghost children were freaking me out (don't like dead kids, man) and the other reapers were just major pain in my ass cheeks. HOW DARE THEY NOT HELP!

I'm seriously waiting for God to be like-
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Majority of this story centers around their journey into Hell and Michaela's ventures to earth for duty's sake. Penn's sisters are adorable and to be honest, I was a bit sad for Webber. He was a major pain in my ass in the first book but in this- UGGHH! Just broke my heart and suddenly I wanted him to be with- *cough* well....

Things were getting a lot more interesting when a certain psychic came up, and then all of a sudden I got rolled over by a giant snowballboulder that came out of nowhere! And then it started to get heartbreaking. It happened with Michaela having to take another life earlier than she was supposed to. And then that CLIFFHANGER-

dead spinning

I was so done by that point. Courted into loving this thing, thinking I've got the surface all figured out and liking it, and then FUCKING BAM! Dead. T_T The climax was just mind blowing and I totally turned into a burrito (my version of a traumatized bookworm needing warmth). I love this thing, but I wouldn't recommend it to a few of my certain friends only because the most action that we get out of this is her time in Hell and her short fights with the enemies. And there's no romance. But my other friends who do love this?

It's a total recommend. You'll love the way the story's written, smooth and elegant to match Michaela. She's a bit of a set character but as things unfold, she grows before your very eyes and by the time it's done, you're about as ruffled as she is. I recommend the author for her creativity and writing style, the story for its way of having the characters haunt you, and the experience for another way of seeing the heavens and death...

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Happy Reading =^-^=

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