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When I Moan (Russian Stepbrother Romance #1)

When I smile, I think about how lucky I am, to have the three hottest guys in town doting on  me.

When I scowl, I think about how unlucky I am, to have three crazy protective Russians as stepbrothers.

When I cry, I tell myself I'll never do anything to jeopardize what we have.

But oh, when I moan...
I tell myself it's just for work.

When I moan, no one should know I can only feel this beautiful, terrible need to touch and be touched by secretly fantasizing about him ---


The gorgeous Russian celebrity every girl wants to own --- And the one man I'm forbidden to even want... because he's the stepbrother I've fallen in love with.

So I just moan, knowing that one day he'd fall for another girl and then I'll have to close my eyes, hoping that my moans can mask my tears.

*****STARS: 5!*****

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Okay first of all, congratz Marian Tee on writing your first stepbrother romance!!!

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Now on to the review. HOLY SHIT BALLS. Now I'm not a stranger to stepbrother stories-
*okay stepbrother "erotica"*

-but this one was just perfect for me. The pace was good, the writing connected me to the story, and it was from a sweet POV. It was literally like watching a movie in my head with the way the details were written. Instead of it being sex with a bit of story to call it a book, this was a story about step-siblings with that pinch of hot sizzle.

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Seri is a sweet girl with a lot of shit thrown at her, but in a commending way, she doesn't let it change her. She continues to smile and doesn't let any of life's darker moments ruin the happiness she shares with her papa and brothers. Does she get bullied and targeted by rabid bitches? Sure, but it's high school, and there's only so far they can go before Sergei, Misha or Vassi find out. And they wouldn't dare risk the opportunity to date them... and I think I threw up in my mouth.

I loved her brothers Sergei and Misha because they had such a huge sister complex. XD If you don't know what that is, it's basically a (usually big) brother feeling all kinds of protective and worship towards his (usually little) sister. They're the king, the knight and the clergy all wrapped into one beautiful package deal, forever set with the lifetime task of assuring that no man invades her walls. Cause they know what she wants and needs.

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HAHA! They even went so far as to stay back from graduation and internships to remain by her side at school! Both ridiculous and adorable. The best part of this is that reading the first few pages made me feel like I was watching anime- fucking giant smile on my face the whole freaking time! It's actually really funny how her brothers and papa are so protective, I just felt all high and giddy and shit. I liked seeing that in here. :) Vassi, only a year older than Seri, is her favorite brother, and it's when she's a freshman in high school that she realizes that he might be more than that.

It all started four years ago when it rained one day at school and her shirt turned transparent...

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Her heart skipped a beat- EEKK! -but she couldn't believe what it meant. So she ignored it. Until she was up close with her dear favorite stepbrother once again and- BAM. There was no denying that physical pull. This was so hot because I didn't take it as taboo (since they aren't related) and it wasn't creepy or gross. You can't really go wrong with stepbrother erotica cause it's SEX but whenever I hear sibling affairs, it's usually got me wiggling uncomfortably. But with this? No weirdness at all. It was sweet, actually, and a rather forbidden love story that couldn't happen not for the taboo of it, but because of what would happen to their father and big brothers were they ever to find out.

And trust me, Vassi thinks about this all the time. So, spoiler. He loves her, too- EEKK! -but because of their relation, he doesn't want to fuck up what they all have right now- BOO! -so he ignores her interest in him and plays it off as a brother complex of hers. All the while going on his projects and job sites, making women weep over his posters... and his cock.

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OOOO!!!! When he brought that tramp home, I wanted to scream! How dare he do something so underhanded to Seri, knowing she's hearing you getting it on with that- that- UGHHH!!!!! I was so mad, I had to stop reading for a second to figure my shit out! And it didn't help that Seri was going crazy, too. But I do love that she went the angry way about it. If she started bursting into tears over his OBNOXIOUS GRUNTING YOU GORILLA I would've had a hard time reading it, so the fact that she took the high darker road and cursed him for his idiocy made it easier to enjoy.

I'm actually relieved that this book wasn't too heavy in the heartache. While I find myself a book closer to accepting that I'm an emotional masochist, I do have a terrible streak of sadism, so seeing her fight back in the small ways satisfied me to no end. I was glad that she didn't break down or take it and mourn. She took it, burned it, and jerked it back out at him through a cannon shooter with interest.

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A serious problem comes up that scares her family, and although the scene introducing said problem was good, the way it ended was a little soft. As in, it felt more like a tease with a reason to lead to 'this' and 'that'. Or maybe I just like violence too much and expect it in the majority of books I read with this level of intensity.
*I should probably get that looked at*

I loved Davey, her gay best friend, and how he's so masochistic! Little slut had me LOLing at his post-orgasms after being bodily threatened by Misha when Seri got dropped off at his house.

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I love you so much lol and I low-key hope you get something out of this.

The story was great and I liked that it started off her freshman year of high school, because it weighed more on the story than the thought of taboo sex with brother dearest. I fucking loved the high school moments because it was like anime got transported into my head. I liked the way her brothers were so doting on her, even if it was borderline ridiculous. A lot of times it's great because of that. I want that overflowing of love. I want what happens to your heart when you're constantly surrounded by people who will always love you. I want the type of love that let's me know I'm something precious to someone and wanted. You just don't see that type of affection expressed nowadays. You're lucky if you even have a semi-social relationship with them, let alone get attention.

She gets treated like a princess.

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And when her birthday came! OMG, I was so worried that he was gonna be a jerk and not show up, but when he did, without a girl, I was relieved. We all know he loves her, too, but he doesn't want to risk ruining the family. His position sucks, but I was glad he didn't prance around another pair of boobs in front of her. *wipes sweat* But... T_T He still rubbed it in her face that they would not be together. Ever.

That scene was a little torturous because we all know what they want, but it's such a touchy topic that no one wants to risk fucking it up. So it's a slow walk down a creepy dark alleyway, when you know something bad is about to happen but at the same time, it's so exciting that you can't help but keep going.

I won't say what she did or what transpired after the party, but I will say that it made my stomach tighten and toes curl. Made my girls sing Hallelujah! and more with what happened- without the thing that I can't say actually happening. EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!

Overall it was a fun read with a semi-feel of a back story and tease to a taboo love between two people. It was a nice introduction to their affair, and although they were all so young up until halfway through the book, I still enjoyed the stories and sexiness when permitted without going full-out creepy. Writing style was cool with that anime-like flare, and although it was silly at times, it just matched the way Seri was, in comparison to her very perfect, coolfoxyhot brothers.

Total recommend. This was all just so intense and hot without the major heartache, but at least I wasn't dying from it like I sometimes am with Tee's other books.

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Check it out on Amazon or Goodreads to get a feel of what people are saying.

Happy Reading =^-^=

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