Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Melody Anne's Billionaire Kindle Universe: Devoured

Scarred and disillusioned by his ex-wife's betrayal, gorgeous and powerful billionaire Luca Valencia has become even more ruthless in the corporate arena and unapologetically heartless when discarding women who mistakenly think they're the ones to change him.

But for his young daughter, he's willing to risk marriage for the second time.

However, it would be on his terms, and he decides to take a leaf out of his friend Rafe's book by hiring a woman carefully screened for his needs.

That woman is Vivian Day, whose innocence makes her a trustworthy companion for his daughter... and whose desperate circumstances would make her unable to afford saying no to his proposition.

*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

*****STARS: 5*****
****BALANCE: 4.5****

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Not surprisingly, this made me cry like a little bitch. T_T Devoured is Luca Valencia's story, friend to Rafe Palazzo (Book 1: Surrender), who inspires him to hire a wife for his four-year-old daughter, Eula. Enter Vivian Day, employee at a cleaner's company he will soon own.

Vivian is about as kind-hearted and gullible as they come, and after weeks of talking with her, he decides that she has the potential to be what he needs: a mother and wife who understands her place. Their relationship had already developed when the book began, so I didn't really get to be in the moment. XD I could only imagine what falling for him every day must have been like for her.

When she's propositioned (after a hilarious amount of misunderstanding) in his office, things quickly get hot and before I know it, I'm enjoying their hot, steamy sex scenes.

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Three months into the future, and the couple's been happy and content with their little family. Until Rafe accidentally riles up Luca's fear of repeating history and he decides to divorce her.

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This was a very fast-paced romance but didn't pull any punches with the heartache and drama. Well, not that much drama, because a lot of it's all at the end just before the HEA. Ms. Tee wrote Luca and Vivian's POVs beautifully with both of them exerting different emotions that totally hit my heart more than a handful of times. The balance of happiness and drama was a little off for me, however, mainly because it goes from things running smoothly with understanding and hope, to a crashing force of devastation and insecurities, and then a wringing of anxiety-

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UUGGHHH!!!! Their restaurant scene was the hardest to swallow. You go from thinking you have time to enjoy their time together and then- SLAP -he freezes up and divorces her. DIVORCES HER. He felt so foolish with his first wife, that he completely disregards the time and understanding she gave him since the day they met. All of the sweet shit I just read- gone. Vanished in a puff of smoke blown away by the northern winds.

I live for the heartache, but I seriously think this was a bit jarring for my heart (or maybe I am just being a little bitch, I don't know yet). Three months and a few weeks of growing love and genuine interest were condensed in paragraphs. The pain of having that trust broken was stabbed into every word in a number of pages. Made things feel a little off kilter because of it, but since I got my rocks off and I fucking adore nearly everything this author's written, you can see why it's sill 5 out of 5.

Take into account the 'slight' imbalance I felt, and it's a 4.5 rounded up to 5. It's a very hardcore-what-the-fuck-give-me-more recommend for this read. I loved the writing style, loved the plot and the way it tore into my heart with its teeth.

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All in all, it's a book that gets you in the feels with the sexy hot scenes to turn you inside out.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ARC: Rough Rider

He's the worst person I know.
And the best thing that ever happened to me.


My life used to be empty. I was restless, bored, and stuck at a job I hate. Then my co-worker took me to that new bar and my life turned upside-down.

That's when I met him.

Big, strong, and cocky as hell... if you know what I mean.

I didn't know he was in a gang. I didn't know he was dangerous. And I didn't know the next time we met he would be saving my life.

But now I'm in danger, and I have to stay with him for two days.

Lucky me, right?

I didn't know what I wanted until I met her. Cute, curvy, and the best fuck of my life. This woman is everything and more.

But it wasn't supposed to keep going. It was supposed to end at that bar. And we were definitely never supposed to see each other again.

Now she's in danger and I'm the one who made that happen. I'm going to keep her protected. I'm going to get her back alive.

And in the meantime, I'm going to make sure she's mine.

Rough Rider is a full-length bad boy romance novel with NO CLIFFHANGERS and NO CHEATING. It contains dark themes, a happy ending, and some of the hottest sex you'll ever read!

*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

***STARS: 3.5***
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After reading this book, I certainly didn't feel the things the synopsis promised. She was a woman needing something better than the life she didn't like. He was a guy who wanted her. That's not exactly what I got.

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What I got instead was a woman who felt like she was contradicting herself despite knowing better and a man who ended up being rather vulnerable and dense. These are just my personal problems so it's nothing against the story; if anything, it may add to it, showing that not all of us are perfect no matter how Hollywood our lives may seem.

Main thing I'm trying to communicate here is that these characters changed before my eyes VERY quickly, and it gave me whiplash, because at times I felt a bit ambushed. But again, I might have done it to myself in assuming things. And you know what they say about assuming...

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This book started off really great. I was excited with meeting these characters, seeing them hook up, and finding each other all over again thanks to Fate. The club scene was very hot and it curled my toes (holy shit), and it really just set the bar high for the rest of the story tbh.

Merryn's this young woman who knew what she wanted and didn't put up with other people's crap except for when she was dealing with her boss and co-worker (aka boss's son). Jake was a man who gave up a lot to keep his sister and himself safe, and although they lived in a rough neighborhood, he seemed to have a lot of good things going for him. However, as soon as they met up again, things started to go downhill for me.

Her fearlessness in being brash and often times extreme contrasted with the way she thought (which effected the way she chose to act upon it). Because this book took on their POVs, I had to listen to her submit to her fears of NOT HAVING A JOB and I really couldn't swallow her taking the abuse from her boss and Craig aka ex-sliiiiime..... I just didn't understand how someone feisty like her could take it lying down. Maybe I'm just used to reading about feisty girls who have no down moments. I don't know. It just didn't make sense at the time and it killed the enjoyment for me.

Like, come on! Was she really so beaten down that she'd rather SUCK IT UP and actually WORK for a piece of shit trash like Silver? And I'm sorry, but she was very self righteous with the way she judged Jake. But she'd work for scum and swallow it?

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As for Jake, who first started off as this cool guy who handled his problems, he began to turn into a more complicated character. Now I love complications, and I get that he had insecurities just like everyone else, but it was unexpected. He acted and thought one way, but give him a girl who could possibly love him, and suddenly he's thinking that he's only good for one thing: providing the D.

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I want to argue with him, that he's better and worth more than fucking these women eight ways to Sunday, but it's really hard to do so when he's having sex with Merryn almost right after he hashes out his low self-esteem. Every. Time. It was confusing. And another thing that bugged me was his intense feelings about being used by Merryn and his gang. I could see his doubt with Merryn, but the gang was supposed to be his second family (he says so in the beginning) so I really felt blindsided by this new development. If anything, I always get tripped up when I'm reading a person's POV because I'm in their head, and it just doesn't feel right not hearing whatever problem happens to come up. It feels like it got pulled out of thin air.

And this was my major problem. They can have issues to deal with, they can have that inner conflict and become better people for overcoming it. What I didn't like was the way it was executed. The writing made it seem one way, and gave me something else. There was no build-up, no 'leading' to the way they felt. Like bridges. It was just a bunch of cliffs and I was expected to feel the connection with the imaginary rope line strung across.

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Overall, the reading experience was a solid 2.5/3 out of 5 for me only because of my issues with the way it was painted for me. It wasn't a very good first impression, and we all know how important those are when it's all we're given at a time. However, the story itself (plot, writing style, characters) was pretty good, which is why it's a 3.5-4 out of 5. I liked them and their chemistry a lot, and although the sex sets my kindle on fire, I would've liked it more if their relationship was actively engaged in other things besides the physical attraction. The ending certainly didn't do that for me.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ARC: Hitman's Secret Baby (A Bad Boy Romance)

I've been dead for a decade.
I don't exist... and I have no family.
It's the only way to protect them.

But today, I learned two things.
My sister is marrying the son of the first man I ever killed.
And her maid of honor has a child. My child.

They both deserve better than me.
But now that Taryn's in my arms again, how can i let her go?

When the man you love comes back from the dead, that's a shock.
But then he tells you he's a contract killer.
And he's here to do a job.

I wish I could hate him. Or even resist him.
But I can't.

I'll do anything to protect my daughter.
But how can I protect my heart?


*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

****STARS: 4****
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This was a really good book. Fast paced with no nonsense like the sex between Taryn and Mason. I liked the feeling it gave off, professional but still dirty enough to be enticing with all the seriousness of being a mercenary. I loved the writing and the build up/ build down to a possible life of Happily Ever After. The anxiety, self-doubt yet endless optimism of dealing with human emotions and pride kept things interesting. If not for the good things outweighing the bad, I would have had a harder time reading this. I shed a few tears at what they went through and the fears they had of no longer being loved or wanted beyond a few bangs on the furniture.

And mmm-mmmm-mmmmm, were there a great deal of good fucks on the furniture, half of them not even belonging to them-

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Despite it being about a hitman with a family left behind, I enjoyed seeing it go a little deeper with the backstory of what happened, and how it all mounted up to this big issue of being gone the last ten years. If I'm going to be honest, I wouldn't know how to feel after being reconnected with someone I spent half a decade mourning over, especially with a child. But shit, I'd like to think I'd at least be grateful enough to get what most widows PRAY to have: their loved one returned to them.

It was overall entertaining, with a LOT of hot domineering scenes (okay not that much but DAAAYUMMMM YES ZADDY) and some tear-jerkers, a great amount of suspense in the end that ended just right, and a big HEA.

Definite recommend, for those who love the complications and blessings we all know and love to hate when it comes to dealing with mistakes, heartache and second chances.

Happy Reading =^-^=

Monday, May 9, 2016

Biker Blues: Salvation (full set)

*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Beaten. Broken. Finished.
An abused wife meets the most unlikeliest of angels - a man who looks like the very devil himself.
He won't let her give up.
Nor will he let her go.
Will he be yet another captor or will he become her salvation?

Kindle Edition: 247 pages
Released: April 18th 2016
Published: Valley Publishing

Get your own copy at: Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Kobo

****STARS: 4****
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This was pretty good. It was an immediate hit-off with Willow and Cash for me, but her journey of de-victimizing herself was a bitter pill to swallow. A lot of it got to me, making the experience sometimes depressing, though Cash was always there to help her get back up on her feet. His own version to helping her was also something to get used to, but not something terrible. It felt like he had to teach her to live without chains, while at the same time, was putting his own on her. A sticky situation, I think, when dealing with an abused wife and the guy helping happens to be an alpha male who needs to have her.

I liked the flow of writing, though the therapist definitions throughout the story distracted me from the story a bit at times... the suspense of a horrible man like Greg kept me reading more, and the connection between the couple was interesting. Some of the other characters were a little two-dimensional considering they were Cash's friends, but overall it was a pretty good read.

Better than the first. The characters were a little more complex, though I suspect it was due to their lives being continuously threatened by a nightmare that wouldn't go away. Willow's grown from the doormat Greg beat her into, but she still struggles a bit, wondering if she really is exercising freedom or trading old chains for better ones. Ha! Totally called it. This confusion stems from being had by two completely different men, and I feel that it'll be up to her to feel the difference.

Cash is a complex character for me, mostly because he can be so rough and intense, but he's got the mind of a professional, and at the same bloody time, he can near sob at the story of a poor victim who'd been through more than he'd ever wish for on another person. I personally couldn't feel his tears because the story didn't seem that horrifying to me, or at least not so much that it'd send a hard-ass like him to soft sobs. Then again, maybe he can't handle it because it's her. Or I'm just a real bitch right now... Anyway, I had a bit of a hard time pinning him because of instances like this, but the story was still overall entertaining.

This final installment ended the series pretty well. Cash and Willow came out stronger than when they first started, and I liked the romance aspect, very interesting when you think about it. I personally had a hard time getting into this only because of how intense Cash was with her. I thought someone would be less intimidating to a victim of abuse, but in the end it worked out. What do I know? The action part left me a little wanting (it's the ending) because it felt anti-climatic despite all the bullets, but it was still entertaining.

If it weren't for the fact that it was a full set and I didn't have to wait for the stories to come out, the cliffhangers would've totally killed me. It humored me, made me laugh and tear a bit, and it also brought out bouts of frustration where the cops were concerned. Love a book that makes me feel multiple things with an overall good ending.

Happy Reading =^-^=