Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Night Of The Storm (The Eura Chronicles #2) by KN Lee: SALE FOR $0.99!!!

* * * * * 5 STARS * * * * *
"Epic in every sense of the word!"

Title: Night of the Storm
Series: The Eura Chronicles
Author: KN Lee
Page Count: 304
Published Date: June 22, 2016
Publisher: Captive Quill Press


Lilae escaped slavery, only to find herself still bound to both of her capturers. With their hold on her, she risks slipping into a void that can destroy her and her bond with the man she has grown to care for.

While Liam's home is ravaged by a devastating illness, he struggles with the urge to return and help them, or move forward in saving the world.

The boy king, Wilem finds himself uprooted from the first place he's felt safe since his kingdom was destroyed. An epic journey across the realm pits him, their fairy guides, and his bst friend against ruthless Shadow Elves. His only weapon: a dragon.

Also check out the book that started this series, Rise of the Flame where we see how Lilae and Liam started their adventure... and found each other.

Click the cover to go to Amazon. I also wrote a review (FREAKING LOVED THIS THING OMG) on my new blog Kole.Writes so feel free to check that out too!

Happy Reading! =^-^=

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